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About Us

In Summa Innovation

Simulation Software: Keep innovating

Improving the design process by simulation can result in cost savings. Do more in less time and reduce the innovation cycle. This allows companies to gain competitive advantage. In Summa is the exclusive agent of MSC Software and we ensure that our customers are successful in their engineering process. Together with our affiliations we meet technological challenges and we create a foundation for innovative success.

Achieve competitive advantage

We provide innovative and high-quality tools for the engineering departments in the high-tech manufacturing industry. Our tools are widely applicable and validated in virtually every industry. Some problems of engineering departments are very challenging. However, these problems must be resolved and that is achieved by using the robust tools of MSC Software and technical skills of In Summa and its partners. We have the capacity and competency to help our clients to achieve a brighter future. Not only for themselves but for everyone in their immediate environment. We make the world not only technologically advanced but also more durable and safer. In short, " we engineer a better world "

What can you expect from us

Inspiration and innovation by offering high-quality simulation software and services to high-tech industries. Optimization of design and development processes, by improving quality, reducing the risks, saving time, eliminate unnecessary costs and a create technological advantage involvement in your activities  We will not stop until you are successful. Guidance, training and support for the use of MSC Software tools.

Why choose for In Summa

  • Fantastic tools: In Summa delivers the full portfolio of MSC Software. MSC Software is a provider for engineers worldwide for over 50 years.
  • Expert: our high technological expertise makes you successfull.
  • Versatile: Our products and services are used by the majority of companies within the high - tech manufacturing industry. From the leaders in the Airspace and Defense through the Electronics and Medical Devices to the Automotive and Transportation industry.
  • Involved: a loyal and accessible partner to convert highly complex technological issues to technical solutions. Our solutions are always customized.
  • Results: We have one objective: Achieving the goals set by our customers.

Interested? Contact us

What can In Summa achieve for your organization? Please contact In Summa. Send a message to Johan Morsink by e-mail or give us a call (0031)162 524 000. We would like to get in touch with you.